Pathways allows a university to gather disciplines with similar quantitative needs and cluster them accordingly.

The Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin originally developed a three track pathway for Texas universities to capitalize on, however, Lamar has taken this original three track pathway and restructured it to fit the needs of Lamar University students. The end result are the following four pathways:

  • The Contemporary Mathematics pathway would focus on disciplines that only require one quantitative course, but depend greatly on the logic and reasoning gained through such coursework.
  • The Algebra pathway would focus on disciplines that require two core quantitative courses with Algebra as a key mandatory skill requirement.
  • The Statistics pathway would consist of disciplines that require more than two quantitative courses of which statistics is a critical component for later discipline specific courses.
  • The Calculus pathway would primarily be appropriate for STEM disciplines that require a Calculus or Calculus prerequisite as an entry level.


Enables the identification of clear pathways to graduation.
Allows for a predetermined method of changing majors.
Becomes easier to identify and address the barriers that students face within each of the pathways.