Steering Committee

Committee Members

Dr. Jeremy Alm
Chair, Mathematics

Mrs. Mandy Arceneaux
Marketing & Comm Manager

Dr. Cristian Bahrim
Associate Professor, Physics

Dr. Daniel Bartlet
Interim Executive Director, Success and Retention

Dr. Nicholas Brake
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Stacey Bumstead
Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Dr. Chun-Da Chen
Associate Professor, Finance

Dr. Jennifer Daniel
Associate Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Kumer Das
Associate Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Kevin Dodson
Founding Dean, Reaud Honors College

Dr. Bianca Easterly
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Dr. Ashraf El-Houbi
Associate Professor, Business

Dr. Mary Gentry
Associate Professor, Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

Ms. Debra Greschner
Instructor of Voice

Mr. J. Hebert

Dr. Theresa Hefner-Babb
Executive Director, Planning & Assessment/SACSCOC Liaison
Associate Professor, Library

Dr. Matthew Hoch
Associate Professor, Biology

Mrs. Celine Hodge
Assistant Director, QEP

Dr. D. Holtzhausen
Dean, Fine Arts and Communication

Mrs. Rachel Hoover
Director, Student Tutoring and Retention Services

Dr. Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin
Associate Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Jiangjiang Liu
Professor, Computer Science

Dr. W. Ted Mahavier
Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Judith Mann (Chair)
Director, QEP
Director, First Year Experience

Dr. Alberto Marquez
Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering

Dr. Tom Matthews
Director, Assessment

Ms. Rebekah Maxwell
Coordinator, Reaud Honors College

Mrs. Deidra Mayer
Director, Strategic Implementation

Dr. Vicki McNeil
Vice President, Student Engagement

Mr. Kyle Mutz
Director, Disability Resource Center

Ms. Karen Nichols
Coordinator, Reference Services

Dr. Brenda Nichols
Associate Provost, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

Dr. Paula Nichols
Executive Director, Center for Distance Education

Ms. Jennifer Ravey
Director, Writing Center

Dr. Peyton Richmond
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Mrs. Melissa Riley
Math Instructor, Center for College Readiness
Math Lab Coordinator, Center for College Readiness

Mr. David Rose
Instructor, Accounting

Mr. Jarrod Rossi
Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Bishar Sethna
Research & Accreditation Analyst Sr.

Dr. Kevin Smith
Senior Associate Provost

Dr. Marleen Swerdlow
Professor, Business
Director, General Business Program

Dr. Freddie Titus
Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Ms. Sarah Tusa
Associate Professor, Library Services
President, Faculty Senate

Mrs. Natasha Walker
President, Staff Council

Dr. Qingjiang Yao
Assistant Professor, Communication