Quality Enhancement Plan I - Aces

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ACES Project

The Lamar University Quality Enhancement Plan, Active & Collaborative Engagement for Students (ACES), focuses on improving student learning in core and developmental courses by promoting active and collaborative learning.


Lamar University selected freshman courses as an area of need based on student satisfaction surveys, results of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE, 2006, 2008), strategic plan goals, and results of core curriculum student learning assessments conducted in 2005 and 2008.


Fall 2013 - Fall 2014 ACES Fellows Announced
Dr. Josè Andino, Instructor of Chemistry
Dr. Adrienne "Katt" Blackwell-Starnes, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Bianca Easterly, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Dr. T J Geiger, Assistant Professor of English
Mrs. Theresa Storey Hefner-Babb, Associate Professor of Library Services
Dr. Mark Mengerink, Associate Professor of History
Dr. Yasuko Sato, Assistant Professor of History
Ms. Megan Young, Assistant Professor of Art

Quality Enhancement Plan: The ACES Project
Dr. Melissa Hudler, Director ¦ melissa.hudler@lamar.edu ¦ Office: (409)880-8525 ¦ Fax: (409)880-2188
Amy C. Smith, Associate Director ¦ amy.smith@lamar.edu