Step-by-Step Syllabus and Vita Submission


  1. From the Lamar homepage choose “LUConnect”, Faculty/Staff, and LU Learn (Blackboard).


  2. Choose your course.

  3. Click on Syllabi & Vita (on left side).


  4. The template for your course syllabi will appear.

  5. Click the down arrow by Syllabus in left corner and then click edit.

  6. Click the green + or the yellow pencil next to box on syllabi to fill in your information.

    This needs to be done for each area that you are required to enter information. You can copy and paste from your previous syllabus into the correct areas.
    • Meeting Times
    • Contact Information
    • Objectives
    • Outcomes
    • Course Materials
    • Course Policies
    • Evaluation (grading policy)
    • Course Subject Outline
    • Additional Items (if needed)

  7. When complete you will click Submit.

How to Submit Your Vita


  1. From the Lamar homepage choose “LUConnect”, Faculty/Staff, and LU Learn (Blackboard).


  2. Log in to LULearn (Blackboard) using your LEA credentials.


    OPTION 1

  3. Access your course syllabus in LU Learn (Blackboard) and skip steps 4-5.  Go to Step 6.


    OPTION 2

    You may use steps 4-5 to access the Syllabus and Vita Module within Blackboard.

  4. Choose “Support” from the main page.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and choose “Launch Concourse Production Module”.


  6.  Choose “Account” and “Profile”


  7. Enter your contact information and vitae information. The text boxes under Curriculum Vitae mimic MSWord. Copying and pasting from another document is possible should you choose. Click “Save”.


    You are finished! The Curriculum Vitae will populate in Blackboard on any course a faculty member is listed as instructor of record. There is no need to upload vitae separately. The vitae can be updated at any time by following the same steps listed above. If you have any questions contact