Reese Construction Management earns Sustainability Badge

Established in 2013, Reese Construction Management at Lamar University offers students an MBA and BS in business with a construction management concentration and a BS in construction management. The department is well connected with industries in the Golden Triangle area and has attributed 100% job placements for their students in both internships during their studies and jobs after graduation. They were also accredited by the American Council for Construction Education and recently earned a sustainability badge from the Sustainability Committee. construction.jpg

The faculty and staff members of Reese Construction Management understand that if a building is built sustainably initially, it will reduce energy consumption during the use of the building. This is why the construction management program’s efforts to become eco-friendly is such a great and significant accomplishment.

When the program coordinator Zarna Bhatt was asked to join the promotion of sustainability by the Director of Sustainability, Alicen Flosi, she understood how important sustainability was in the program. The department is conscious on the usage of paper and electricity and the program director, Dr. Hwang teaches a summer course called Sustainable Practices in Construction.

“Our students are like Brand ambassadors,” says Zarna Bhatt. “They work very hard every summer in the construction industry and use their knowledge of sustainability and environmentally friendly construction management practices from their classes at Lamar to help the community.”

The construction management department understands that promoting sustainability is important in teaching civil engineering and construction management and is very thankful for the Green Badge idea.