LU Senior Reflection: Hunter Jensen


"Looking back at my whole journey,

I have definitely grown a lot."


After graduation, I plan to travel a little bit and start my professional career by taking the FE Chemical Engineering exam. I am eager to find a job in food production, clean energy, or chemical manufacturing/processing.

Some of my unique experiences during my time at Lamar University were competing at the national ChemE Car competition for the first time in Lamar University’s history back in 2019, and also winning the regional ChemE jeopardy competition this year. I also had the opportunities to represent my peers as an AIChE officer last year and this year.

My parents have supported me both financially and emotionally. They have always offered a place for me to live in when I needed one. Most importantly, they have always motivated me to keep moving forward and to never give up. My parents are one of my biggest motivators.

Looking back at my whole journey, I have definitely grown a lot. I’m quite a different person than I was when I started college. I have learned so much, met so many people, and I have experienced so many things that I now feel I’m ready to tackle the next chapter in my life.