Graduation 101: Grad photo hacks

1. Bring Props 

Bringing props will allow you to show your audience what you have accomplished during your time at Lamar University. If you were in the band, it would be great for you to bring your instrument. If you are someone that was a member of an organization, bring an item of significance with you for your graduation pictures.  In the picture below, @maccumpian brought her pom-poms with her. She is letting her audience know that she spent her time here at LU in the Dance Team.

maccumpian via instagram
Photo credit: @Maccumpian via Instagram
Photographer: LU alum @Cameronuresti via Instagram

2. Have fun

Get creative and use the area around you. If you are taking your graduation pictures somewhere like @brooketilton did, don’t be afraid to hop in the fountain. By stepping out of the box, you might get the perfect shot.

Brooke Tilton via Instragram
Photo credit: @BrookTilton via Instagram

3. Show off your cap

If you took the time to decorate your hat, show your audience the beautiful masterpiece you made. Showing off your hat allows you to tell your audience more about yourself.

Rebekah Moreaux via Instagram
Photo credit: @RebekahMoreaux via Instagram

4. Smile

You have worked very hard to reach this moment in your life, and you should be proud of that. Time to show those pearly whites!
Jkenfo3 via Instagram
Photo credit: @Jkenfo3 via Instagram

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