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LU to host first Midstream Symposium

Lamar University Center for Midstream Management and Science will host a Kickoff Symposium on Thurs., Nov. 21, 2019.

In partnership with Texas Oil and Gas Association, Lamar University will bring together members of the Midstream sector to hear from industry leaders Todd Staples, president of Texas Oil and Gas Association; Thomas Long, group chief financial officer for Energy Transfer; and Jim Nyquist, group president of Emerson Automation Solutions.

The Symposium will feature a moderated discussion panel among state legislators to discuss the current state and future direction of the Center for Midstream Management and Science.

Lamar University launched the Center for Midstream Management and Science in September 2019. The Center will serve as a bridge between LU and local industry, connecting breakthroughs in access to oil and gas to the downstream advances in refining and liquefaction technologies.

“The Center for Midstream Management and Science was established to grow a multi-industry/university collaboration that advances in midstream capacity, resiliency, environmental compliance and safety,” said Brian Craig, dean of the College of Engineering.

The Center will develop advanced education, training, professional development and solutions for the midstream industry, such as technology gaps related to capacities, distribution, storage, optimization, reliability, inspection, data analytics and decision making, predictive maintenance, resilience, cyber physical security, digital transformation, Industrial Internet of Things, safety, environmental compliance, economics, new and emerging markets and future business opportunities. 

“These solutions and knowledge can then be broadly distributed to the industry, workforce, policymakers, students and scholars,” said Craig. “The Center will support students, faculty members, labs and post-doctoral fellowships across Lamar University with an emphasis on applied research that is vital to the midstream industry.”

 Additionally, the Center facilitates training for the midstream community by hosting events and seminars. The Center also supports the development of academic courses and certificate programs at LU to train the next generation of midstream professionals.

“The research, development and problem-solving efforts generated within institutions of higher learning has rooted our nation in strength and security," said Todd Staples. "This creative thinking has resulted in innumerable outcomes making lives better, and TXOGA members appreciate the opportunity to partner with the Lamar University Center for Midstream Management and Science to continue to develop innovative solutions in the midstream sector of the oil and natural gas industry that will ensure a cleaner, stronger energy future for Texas and around the globe.”

Todd Staples
Todd Staples 
Robert Nichols
Jim Nyquist
Jim Nyquist
Thomas Long
Tom Long
Dennis Paul
Dennis Paul