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Global Education opportunities to be showcased at Study Abroad Fair


The Office of Study Abroad is hosting a fair to showcase their programs on October 9, 2019. Lamar University’s study abroad programs come with many benefits, including being more likely to graduate on time, higher GPA’s and the opportunity to engage in academic pursuits that aren’t possible in traditional classroom settings.

“Study abroad rewards students with advantages that cannot be replicated in the classroom,” said Kayce Smith, coordinator of study abroad and student exchange. “Students can broaden their world view, experience different cultures, create personal connections and impress prospective employers. For some students, studying abroad has helped them discover career opportunities abroad and gain self-confidence.”

The Office of Study Abroad cultivates programs that develop personal growth and maturity, increasing prospective job opportunities, problem-solving skills and much more.  “Lamar University aims to provide students with the same opportunities they could receive at a larger university,” said Smith. “Through study abroad programs, you can gain independence in a new and exciting way! You can step out of your comfort zone and test your ability to adapt to diverse situations. “ 

Programs that are exclusive to the 2019-2020 school year include Geology in Iceland/Egypt, Psychology in Italy, Music and Dance in South Korea and Business in China/Argentina, among other programs.

“Most of our faculty-led programs are affordable and in a 2-3 week time frame,” said Smith. “This helps us to minimize the cost to our students and also allows students who work or have families to also consider participating.”

For more information on the faculty-led programs, go to https://www.lamar.edu/study-abroad/general-information/study-abroad-programs.html, contact the instructor attached to a specific program, or schedule a meeting with the Office of Study Abroad.