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LU’s professors study finds diversity is beneficial to higher education

Qingjiang Yao, associate professor in Lamar University’s Department of Communication and Media recently published an article in the “Journal of Marketing for Higher Education,” based on research about the impact of Yaodiversity on higher education.

The article, “Does diversity hurt students’ feeling of oneness?” summarizes a study Yao and his colleagues conducted on the relationships among social trust, university internal brand identification, and brand citizenship behaviors on diversifying university campuses.

“Amid the wave of diversification on college campuses, with certain evidence showing that immigration diversity may hurt social trust for a short term in some societies, higher education professionals and stakeholders may wonder about that question,” said Yao.

Based on a representative sample of students from four public universities in a Midwestern state, the study found that universities’ campus diversity has positive influences on their students’ diversity awareness and social trust and no negative effects on those universities’ internal brand identification.

Further, the study found diversity awareness and ethnic identity are positively associated with university brand citizenship behaviors. Social and news media uses also positively predict diversity awareness, university internal brand identification, or brand citizenship behaviors that protect and promote the university’s brand voluntarily.

The study suggests colleges to increase campus diversity but also maintain an atmosphere supporting such diversity, moderate exclusive pursuit of ethnic/cultural identification, and offer adequate courses on diversity and multiculturalism.

Yao was joined by three colleagues, Drs. Mary Martin, Hsin-Yen Yang,and Scott Robson, from his previous institute, Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas.

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