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LU’s Baldo teaches port professionals how to negotiate

Melissa Baldo, an attorney and professor in Lamar University’s College of Business MBA program, was a featuredMelissa Baldo speaker at two business leadership events for the American Association of Port Authorities. Baldo taught negotiation skills to AAPA members at the Port of Houston and at a conference in San Diego, California, she spoke on the topic of leadership.

The day-long workshops were designed to develop business skills necessary for port management success. Other session topics included discussions on case studies in supply chain data sharing, blockchain technology and corporate diplomacy.

Baldo said negotiation skills are critical for ports, especially those that are “landlord ports” deriving much of their revenue from leases they negotiate with cargo operators. “In addition, dockworkers and many other port employees are unionized and collective bargaining agreements must be negotiated,” said Baldo. “It's imperative to have sharp negotiation skills.”

Baldo earned a Bachelor’s of Business degree from the University of Texas and a Juris Doctor from South Texas College of Law. She has served LU since 2013 teaching business classes including employment law and legal environment business. In her classes she shares, “Baldo’s Top Ten to Win.”

“Negotiation skills can definitely be an acquired skill as there are certain ‘tricks of the trade’ that are helpful to know to give you an edge over your opponent,” said Baldo. “I have a presentation that I have created called ‘Baldo's Top Ten to Win,’ which can assist with the negotiation process.”

Baldo believes negotiation skills are valuable in every aspect of business, and she teaches the art of negotiating to all level of leadership. “Proficient negotiation skills are critical in the business arena where managers often have to negotiate contracts with employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders,” said Baldo. “The better your negotiating skills the better the contracts you will enter into which can save money for your company.”

The AAPA represents public seaports and agencies throughout the Western Hemisphere while informing and unifying seaport leaders, providing resources and partnerships and offering events, all with the mission of delivering prosperity to maritime professionals.