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First Employee Resource Group Launched at LU

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Lamar University’s Office of Global Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, in partnership with the Department of Human Resources, has launched its first Employee Resource Group for multigenerational professionals. ERGs are voluntary, member-led groups that share a common purpose, background or activity and are aligned with the organizational mission and business objectives.

“One of the ways organizations like Lamar University raise awareness about diversity and inclusion is through Employee Resource Groups,” said Imelda Wicks, Executive Director of the Office of Global Diversity and Inclusive Excellence. “Those who participate in ERGs help to create positive work environments by embracing the varying perspectives and experiences of others, actively promoting the core values of the institution and forming a culture of inclusiveness.”

The purpose of the Multigenerational Professionals Employee Resource Group will include: aligning and harnessing professionals of all generations and backgrounds; creating an inclusive, supportive and interactive environment that will enable new employees to be acclimated to Lamar University; forming an open forum for employees to meet and support one another; providing opportunities for professional development of its members; engaging all employees in supporting a culture of inclusive excellence; and enhancing employee engagement, productivity and retention.

The LU employees who are driving positive change within the organization and participating in this group, include Kelsey Baden, cheer team coordinator; Catherine Benson, associate vice president; Miguel Chavez, assistant professor; Raymond Doe, assistant professor; Hannah Early, marketing associate; Yinka Jenmy, assistant director for Residence Life; Erin Lovelady, director of outreach and student services; Alberto Marquez, associate professor; Kyle Mutz, director of the Disability Resource Center; Geff Oztunc, assistant professor; Michael Sloboda, assistant director of New Student and Leadership Programs; Valerie Talenda, instructor; Sylvestre Twagirayezu, assistant professor; Robert Wagner, training and development manager; Melaney Whiting, library associate; and Imelda Wicks, executive director of Diversity, Inclusive Excellence and Training.

“The work this core team is doing to help us launch this ERG is extremely important as it will help us identify opportunities that will benefit our multigenerational, diverse and vibrant workforce,” said Wicks. “Membership to all of Lamar University employees will be available soon with hopes everyone will benefit from this.”

For more information on the university’s ERG program visit https://www.lamar.edu/diversity-inclusion/employee-resource-groups/index.html or to get involved please contact Imelda Wicks at (409) 880-8216 or cwicks@lamar.edu.