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Lamar University to host leg of Southern Energy Freedom Tour

Ivanpah Solar by Jamey Stillings

Lamar University will host a leg of the Southern Energy Freedom Tour on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. in the Dishman Lecture Hall.

The Southern Energy Freedom Tour is a series of presentations by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby—a non-partisan, non-profit group—in cities through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Florida aimed at engaging people in a dialogue about how best to mitigate climate change challenges and ensure clean air and water while improving American energy competitiveness and growing the economy.

“I think it’s important for all of us to find out the impact of climate change and how it affects people throughout the world,” said Alicen Flosi, director of sustainability for the university. “I hope that we learn changes we can make and the impact of our actions so that we can leave a better world for future generations.”

Event speakers will include Peter Bryn, a former engineer for ExxonMobil and full-time volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby; Brett Cease, University of Texas at Dallas doctoral student and Gulf Coast coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby; and Ricky Bradly, a native of Alabama and volunteer-turned-employee of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

All three speakers believe in the possibility of American energy freedom without economic sacrifices by implementing bipartisan, market-based solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change and better manage American energy.

“Many folks, especially conservatives and those employed in oil and gas, are seeking solutions to manage climate change and energy risk that do not grow government or burden the economy,” the group stated in a press release. “the Citizen’s Climate Lobby supports citizens to work with their members of Congress and within their communities to build the political will needed to support pragmatic solutions.”

The group, which touts their commitment to “southern values, southern solutions,” will speak at the Dishman in relation to the themes of its current photography exhibition: Jamey Stillings’ “The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar," (Jamey Stillings #8502, 27 Oct. 2012, pictured above).

Stillings’ work documents the creation of the Ivanpah solar energy facility in the Mojave Desert of California, which harnesses enough energy to power over 140,000 homes. Combining abstract images with the themes of renewable energy and man vs. nature, the exhibit will be on display until Nov. 20.

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