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LU recognizes faculty retirees

Wendell Bean, Kenneth Rivers, Jack HopperLamar University recognized 11 retiring faculty members at the annual faculty awards ceremony in the University Reception Center, 8th floor of the Mary and John Gray Library, April 14, 2016.

“Together, these 11 retirees served LU 273 years,” said Kevin Smith, senior associate provost. “Using a modest figure of eight courses per year, and 25 students per course, together they would have taught more than 2200 courses touching the lives of more than 55,000 students. We applaude their dedication to Lamar University and to excellence.”

Recognized for their years of service to the university were recent faculty retirees: Wendell Bean, 48 years, professor of electrical and nuclear engineering; Christine Bridges-Esser, 23 years, associate professor of Spanish; David Castle, 31 years, professor of political science; Mary Collins, 7 years, professor of communication; Babette Eikenberg, 4 years, associate professor of educational leadership prof fed leadership education; Tanya Goldbeck, 6 years, assistant professor of teacher education; Charles Hawkins, 50 years, regents professor of economics; Jack Hopper, 47 years, dean emeritus chemical engineering; John Wayne Rabalais, 12 years, distinguished professor of chemistry and bio chemistry; Kenneth Rivers, 27 years, professor of French; and Jerry Thompson, 18 years, professor of history.