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Pivot Gallery promotes faculty expertise, research and creative activities

Lamar University’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Administration (ORSPA) has launched a new online program utilizing Pivot Gallery to enable the university to quickly and easily promote its talented researchers, and their work internally and to the world.

The program will help LU gain exposure for its faculty experts in the community, news media, publishers and law firms, said Peter Kelleher, associate provost for research. It will help showcase faculty accomplishments, highlight important publications, grants, awards and patents, and promote more internal and external collaboration among researchers.

Pivot Gallery is one of a number of electronic research administrative programs that ORSPA is implementing during the spring and summer of 2016.  

“We believe that implementing innovative online platforms like Pivot Gallery will enable our faculty to identify potential internal collaborators and ultimately enhance the process of identifying and applying for funding opportunities by LU faculty,” Kelleher said.   The addition of these electronic research administration software tools should make it easier for LU faculty members to achieve their research and creative activity goals, Kelleher said.  These tools also address a number of goals outlined in the Lamar University 2015 Strategic Plan.

Pivot Gallery was developed by and licensed from ProQuest.   Access links can be found on the ORSPA website / under the Faculty Expertise tab.