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Washington Post: LU engineers top earners

A recent Washington Post bog article recognized the return on investment realized by LU’s engineering graduates when it placed them in the Top 10.

The Nov. 21 blog post “Where to go to college to make the most money – for each major” by reporter Matt O’Brien examined the relationship between college expenditures and future earnings. In that matrix, LU landed in the second spot among the Top 10 engineering programs in the nation, just behind Rice University, and ahead of nationally ranked schools like UC-Berkeley and Vanderbilt. 

The matrix used numbers from its 2014-15 College Salary Report, which is based on self-reported earnings for graduates from more than 1,000 schools.

The analysis is based on mid-career earnings, and showed an average salary of $137,700 for LU engineering graduates. Rice graduates topped the list at $150,200. The third spot was held by Cooper Union, at $136,100. The seven remaining in the Top 10 fell between $130,200 and $128,200.