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University posts record enrollment

Lamar University has set another all-time enrollment record, officials announced today. Official figures for the fall 2014 semester taken on the 20th class day show Lamar has the highest enrollment in the university’s history. 

“We are very pleased with 2014 fall semester enrollment figures,” said Kevin Smith, senior associate provost.

Lamar’s record headcount was set with 14,889 students, up 6.1 percent over last fall. Of this number, 14,451 (an increase of 5.01 percent) are reportable to the State for appropriations funding during the base period, Smith said.

The university’s credit hours are also up, totaling 140,626, up 4.07 percent. Of these, 137,927 are reportable hours (up 3.19 percent) and the second most in LU’s history (second only to Fall 2010). 

“In large measure, the growth was due to sharp jumps in international students, graduate engineering enrollments, and on-line graduate education students,” Smith said. 

This fall, Lamar saw increases in new first-time-in-college freshmen (up 1.2 percent over last fall), transfer students (up 32.8 percent), and graduate students (up 119.1 percent).

The total of non-Texas resident students, including international students, grew 56.1 percent, and those from other states grew 6.8 percent.

The numbers of Hispanics students increased 24.5 percent, Asian-Americans increased 5.2 percent, multiracial students increased 22.9 percent, and international students increased 57.3 percent.

Lamar’s College of Engineering was the fastest growing college, up 23.9 percent, followed by the colleges of education, up 8.8 percent, and business, 3.8 percent, and fine arts, up 2.3 percent.