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Bahrim participates in Dalian China conference

Opening Event Cristian Bahrim, associate professor of physics at Lamar University, was a guest speaker at the “3rd Annual Conference and EXPO of AnalytiX2014” in the Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Dalian, China, April 25-28. 

The conference brought together guest speakers from more than 40 countries, including 9 Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine. 

The five-day event began with World DNA and Genome Day and included festivities for opening the Bio Valley, which the Chinese envision as the new Silicon Valley for research in genetics, Bahrim said. 

“The setting for the opening ceremony was overwhelming with more than 200,000 people in the audience and many personalities present, from Chinese government officials to many scientists from throughout the world,” Bahrim said. 

Conference CenterBahrim’s talk followed the Nobel Forum that featured: Serge Haroche, Nobel Laureate in 2012 for research in quantum optics, College de France; George Smooth, Nobel Laureate in 2006 for studies of the cosmic background radiation, Berkeley; and Dan Shechtman, Nobel Laureate in chemistry in 2011 who discovered quasicrystals, from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.   

Bahrim, who holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Paris, spoke about trapping Helium-Neon excimers (a short-lived molecule) on vibrational states using short laser pulses. He reported on his research that indicates the two rare gas atoms could form a stable molecule if trapped in a potential well and excited on vibrational modes using femtosecond laser pulses.   

“Besides the fundamental significance of this research – the fact that two noble gases, which are considered inert in any standard textbook, could actually form a chemical bond - the HeNe excimer can be eventually used as a lasing medium for a new type of laser,” Bahrim said.Opening event  

“I think that our participation created more international visibility for Lamar,” Bahrim said. 

A very modern city in northeastern China, Dalian was founded in 1899 by the Russians. 

“It is considered the Chinese city with the most dynamic construction,” Bahrim said. That includes unusual architecture, such as the turtle-shaped convention center. 

Cherry TreesWhile in China, Bahrim visited Xianghai Square (“The Sea of Stars”) that is the largest city square in the world. He also visited the site of a Russian-Japanese battle that is commemorated by a beautiful orchard of cherry trees.