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Dr. Evans "swaps" places with LU student, Madison Trevino

Sitting in Class

President Kenneth Evans became a student for the morning while Applied Mathematics major, Madison Trevino, became president on Thursday, April 17.  The swap, known as the “Cardinal Swap,” took place in Dr. Evans’ office sending the President to attend class and Trevino to take over the president’s duties for the morning.

“Cardinal Swap allows President Evans and Trevino to spend some time in each other’s shoes,” said Teresa Simpson, interim director of Student Development & Leadership and Rotaract advisor. 

The Lamar University Rotaract Club, the college equivalent to Rotary International, is fortunate enough to have Dr. Evans, Rotarian member of the Rotary Club of Beaumont, as a big supporter. Evans enjoyed a 9:30am Business Analysis class while Trevino was able to review his speeches for the day and discuss ethics, leadership and various other topics leaders are faced with each day.

“The goal of the outreach program is to show the students there is no limit to what they can do,” Simpson said. 

Dr. Evans shaking hands with Madisonwalking to class