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LU chapters dedicated to enhancing Greek life

For the first time in Lamar University’s history, one representative from each of the 21 Greek chapters on campus, as well as their corresponding council advisors, were invited to collectively attend the first annual All Greek Leadership Conference (AGLC) at Texas A&M University from January 23-25.

“Texas A&M invited all Greek life from the state of Texas to attend the AGLC to educate the four distinct Greek councils on leadership, and recognize the similarities of Greek students as a whole,” said Teresa Simpson, Interim Director of Student Development and Leadership. “This trip was a way to ignite unity among the Greek chapters. The theme of the conference, Rebirth of Greek Life on Campus, perfectly fits what we are trying to do here at Lamar.”

During training sessions at the conference, both students and their council advisors, learned about the importance of professional networking, and how to collaborate with other departments on campus.

“Our target goals were to achieve collaboration within the Greek chapters as a whole, develop stronger friendships between the individual representatives, and take Greek life to the next level in regard to energy, pride and tradition,” said Simpson. “After the trip, the students are now re-energized and excited about what is to come.”

Simpson said that she was thankful for the ability to attend the conference and show the representatives that Lamar provides great Greek life opportunities.

“We are so appreciative to the Division of Student Engagement for funding the conference and the genuine support of President Evans, Dr. Kevin Smith, and Mr. Tic Price,” said Simpson. “Greek chapters are a key part of the active, vibrant student life we have at Lamar. Their visibility makes it easy to promote events and volunteerism on campus. This trip allowed the Greek leaders to know the value of their contributions to the campus as well as to instill Greek pride.”

Simpson said she encourages students to take part in Greek life.

“Greek life is great for establishing professional connections and is a valuable opportunity to develop civic leadership,” said Simpson. “At the end of the day, we’re trying to produce quality graduates who achieve successful employment.”