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JASON Project cultivates student interest

Students from Southeast Texas are participating in the JASON Project at Lamar University, today through Jan. 24. The science, technology, engineering and mathematics based program engages students in activities meant to be both fun and educational to cultivate their interest in the STEM fields. 

This year’s JASON Project subject is “The Climate: Seas of Change” where students are introduced to the topic of climate through the eyes of JASON host researchers and national Argonauts. Student learn about the nature and importance of the earth’s oceans, how energy flows in the earth system causing global winds and surface currents and influences climate, and how scientists investigate the causes and impacts of climate change. 

Named for the mythological Greek explorer, the JASON Project was founded in 1989 by Robert D. Ballard, the oceanographer and explorer who discovered the shipwreck of RMS Titanic. After receiving an overwhelming amount of support and interest from students all over the world, Ballard designed a STEM-based program to help educate students about their world. 

Southeast Texas regional schools began participating in the JASON Project in 2001. The program is funded through grants, as well as community support and donations. 

The JASON Project provides teachers with outstanding curriculum to use in their own classrooms. Students are shown a JASON video produced through the Department of Communications at Lamar and also learn from presentations by scientists, engineers, mathematicians, oceanographers, meteorologists and other professionals in the STEM fields. Students then attend interactive sessions with STEM activities.

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