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Dishman Art Museum Thesis Exhibition

Senior and graduate thesis projects, including paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and graphic design, will be on display at Lamar University's Dishman Art Museum through Dec. 14. The reception for the student thesis art exhibition will be at 6:30 p.m., Friday, Dec. 6. Admission to the exhibition and the reception is free.

This exhibition is the culmination of study for nine seniors graduating this fall with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art, and one graduate student completing her Master of Arts with a focus in printmaking.

The undergraduate thesis exhibition, "Echoes of Humanity," will feature the following students:

Carlo Busceme IV, Beaumont, emphasis in painting, will present "Portrait Series I," a series of abstract oil paintings with figurative elements in bright, vivid hues. Busceme works in an intuitive and abstract manner conveying a sense of anxiety and energy with his use of color and space.

Honour Harry, Beaumont, emphasis in drawing, will present "Apophenia in Art," an investigation of the barriers of language visualized through clichés. Her large-scale graphite and color wash drawings on paper integrate arthropods and human elements in a fantastical and imaginative manner.

Amanda Barry Jones, Beaumont, emphasis in ceramics, will present "Overcoming Adversity," large-scale ceramic sculptures that also integrate a stunning use of light and glass for an intriguing narrative effect. 

Christa Magallón, Beaumont, emphasis in photography, will present "Passionate Drugs," a series of digital photographs that offer a playful look at the connections between food and sexuality.

Hannah McIntosh, Orange, emphasis in painting, will present "Re-visioning Sight," which combines painting and sculpture in an investigation of how artists with stereo-blindness see the world and how their sight differences influence what is created.

Lauren Moore, Beaumont, emphasis in photography, will present "Lost and Bound," which focuses on the loss of generational awareness and history in today’s younger generation.  Her large-scale digital photographs reinterpret items traditionally passed down from generation to generation within families but now are more commonly seen in flea markets for sale. Moore constructed each of the garments seen in her photographs from such lost heirlooms. These garments will also be on display as part of her thesis.

Gwendolyn Mumford, Vidor, emphasis in painting, will present "Overcoming Alexithymia, which uses the process of a life review through the methods of art therapy. She has made a painting or drawing for each year of her life since birth, and they are displayed with the fluidity of all memories.

Janell Regaldo, Beaumont, emphasis in photography, will present "Millennial Death," which re-images 19th-century postmortem photographs in a contemporary guise. Making large-scale digital prints to explore the most common causes of death in the millennial generation, her thesis critically examines disturbing mortality trends today and employs cinematic lighting and sinister subject matter.

Michael Toups, Bridge City, emphasis in graphic design, will present "Wandering Flame," a project that creates a brand identity through traditional graphic design methods for a band from Orange.

"Patterning Nature," Elizabeth Fontenot’s master’s thesis, will also be on display at the Dishman. Fontenot will receive her Master of Arts degree with a focus on printmaking. A Beaumont native, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2008 at Louisiana State University. Although printmaking is her program of choice, she continues to work in and explore other visual media.

The Dishman Art Museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is located at 1030 E. Lavaca, Beaumont, Texas. Free museum-dedicated parking is available in front of the Dishman during museum hours. Call (409) 880-8959 for more information