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Carolyn J. Keating Scholarship established

The Lamar University Foundation has announced a new endowed scholarship has been established. The Carolyn J. Keating Scholarship will provide funding for full-time junior, senior and graduate students majoring in English.

“We are really excited about Mrs. Keating’s gift to the department of English and Modern Languages,” said Brenda Nichols, chair of the College of Arts and Sciences. “As Mrs. Keating stated, a scholarship helped her dreams come true, and now she wants to give that success to someone else. What a wonderful legacy.”

As a child, Keating was always the “new kid” in school as her family moved a lot.

“I was extremely shy,” she said. “And I quickly learned that books were a reliable source of solace and companionship. Books became my best friends and my connection to a world of great possibilities.”

Through reading, Keating learned to recognize and admire the skillful use of words. She affirms that words are important to her and that she respects them and those who use them well.

Keating explains that she received, as an English major, an excellent education at Lamar University and that she realized how good it was as soon as she got out into the greater world.

“It provided a solid base from which I have done many different things,” she said.

Throughout her college degree, she was a Richard Frederking Scholarship recipient.

“This financial aid made a critical difference to me and made it possible for my studies to continue,” she said. “I owe a debt of gratitude to Lamar and those who helped me along the way. My intent, in establishing this scholarship, is to pay this debt forward.”

Jim Sanderson, chair of the English and Modern Languages department, said that receiving an endowment from someone who graduated with an English major makes it even more special.

“The help students receive from a scholarship like the Carolyn Keating scholarship is, of course, quite important, but the honor is just as important,” Sanderson said. “Students feel honored that the department would think so highly of them.”

For more information about establishing an endowed scholarship, contact the Lamar University Foundation at (409) 880-2117.