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ExxonMobil grants support LU engineering programs

ExxonMobil contributionExxonMobil Corp. recently awarded $17,000 in grants to four engineering departments at Lamar University as a part of their national program supporting higher education.

“It is clear that ExxonMobil considers higher education and the value it brings to its workforce an integral part of its long-term business strategy,” said Victor Zaloom, interim dean of Lamar University’s College of Engineering.  “We are pleased that our neighbors choose to be partners in higher education who help support our mission through gifts like these generous departmental grants.”

The grants to Lamar are: $5,000 to the chemical engineering department; $8,000 to mechanical engineering; $3,000 to electrical engineering and $1,000 to civil engineering.

ExxonMobil CheckIn 2013, ExxonMobil Corp. is providing $2 million in grants to 84 colleges and universities nationwide. In addition to the Departmental Grants Program, ExxonMobil supports education initiatives that encourage students to take an active interest in math and science careers, motivate students to learn and perform well in math and science, support the development of highly qualified teachers and provide teachers with professional development opportunities in science and math.

The grant allows selected academic departments to allocate money for various educational purposes including scholarships, field trips, visiting speakers, equipment purchases, student and faculty travel to academic-related activities, and other educational projects.  ExxonMobil awards the grants to schools that offer degrees in subject from which it recruits employees.

The grant amount is based on several factors including ExxonMobil’s past recruiting success and the number of employees produced from a specific university.

“Lamar University continues to be a source of outstanding graduates who contribute to the company’s growth and success,” Zaloom said.

The Departmental Grants Program represents only a portion of ExxonMobil’s annual support of Lamar University.