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Wall of Honor recognizes students

Wall of HonorA display to celebrate and publicly acknowledge student achievement has been installed in the Setzer Student Center, the center of campus activities at Lamar.

“It is important for this institution to publicly identify students who have performed excellently,” said Kevin Smith, senior associate provost. “I hope the Wall of Honor will inspire other students to succeed academically.”

The Wall of Honor, consisting of four red plaques with the names of students who qualified for the Deans’ and President’s List, is an effort to commend and encourage academic accomplishments.

“This is surreal,” sophomore Jordan Lynch said. “It is an honor to be recognized for all of my hard work.”

New DisplayBy putting the display in a prominent place, Smith is hoping that other students will aspire to see their names on the plaques.

 “It was so unexpected to see my name,” sophomore Erica Edgerly said. “I’m really proud of all that I have achieved. Now others can see my accomplishments that I have worked so hard for.”

The display, which can be located near the ballroom, will be updated at the end of each spring and fall semester when a new Deans’ and President’s List comes out.