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Sigma Xi hosts paleobotanist Carole Gee

Paleobotanist Carole Gee, senior research associate from the University of Bonn, Germany presented a public lecture on Thursday, July 25 about the kind of plants Jurassic dinosaurs ate in western North America.

Carole Gee“It was interesting to see the different climates that existed,” Port Arthur resident Gail Slocum said. “It is quite amazing how much research was put into the presentation.”

The lecture was hosted by the Lamar University scientific research society chapter of Sigma Xi, and the Department of Earth and Space Sciences in the Geology building.

“It is so exciting to be here to present my research,” Gee said. “I hope people learned how different the Mesozoic floor was then compared to the floor of today.”

Prior to earning her doctorate with a specialization in paleobotany at the University of Texas at Austin, Gee received a bachelor of arts biology degree with a concentration in botany at Pomona College, California. Currently, Gee is a curator of the Goldfuss Museum and research associate in paleobotany with the paleontology division at Steinmann Institute.