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Gu earns prestigious National Science Foundation fellowship

anita 3Anita Hongbo Gu, a joint Lamar University/Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) Ph.D. student in chemical engineering, has earned the prestigious Student Participation Fellowship from the National Science Foundation.  Gu will represent Lamar and HIT at an upcoming Research and Innovation Conference in Boston, Mass. 

Gu is a visiting scholar working with Lamar chemical engineering faculty and student researchers with the support of the China Council Scholarship (CCS) program.  She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers in her chosen areas of research; polymer nanocomposites, giant magnetoresistance sensor and environmental remediation, including one reviewed paper in the highly regarded industry publication Chemical Society Reviews.

“The CCS program that brought me to Lamar as a joint doctoral student has been a wonderful experience for me,” Gu said.  “It allows me to focus on research while building toward my career.”

Gu, a native of China, has worked with the Lamar chemical engineering faculty for almost two years and will complete her studies in August 2013.  She will return to China to fulfill her obligations under the CCS program.

“Miss Gu is very knowledgeable in her field of research with a strong work ethic,” said Zhanhu Guo, assistant professor of chemical engineering and director of the LU Integrated Composites Laboratory (ICL).  “She has worked closely with me throughout her tenure at Lamar and is an active collaborator in our ICL.”