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Dreyer Family Scholarship established

The Lamar University Foundation has established a new endowed scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in mechanical engineering. The Dreyer Family Scholarship was funded through a partnership between the Dreyer Family and ExxonMobil as part of ExxonMobil’s 3 to 1 Matching Gifts Program. This program was established to encourage ExxonMobil employees and retirees to donate to the community and to higher education.

“The Dreyer Family Scholarship will help the mechanical engineering department to attract more high-quality students, to reward students for their excellent performances, to motivate students to achieve their career goals and to relieve some of students' financial burdens,” said Hsing-wei Chu, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

It is both the excellence of Lamar’s College of Engineering and the Dreyer family’s past experiences with both the field of engineering and Lamar University that motivated the Dreyer family to contribute to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Freddy Ray Dreyer ‘72 and Julie Hawkins Dreyer ’73 met at Lamar as undergraduates in 1969 and fell instantly in love, marrying in 1971. The newlyweds worked on campus to support themselves while continuing their education.

Mr. Dreyer graduated from Lamar with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering. Almost immediately, he began work with Mobil Oil Refinery in Beaumont and, later, ExxonMobil for more than 33 years, retiring in 2006.

Mrs. Dreyer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English, a minor in history and a secondary certification in teaching. She later received an elementary certification in teaching from Lamar. Finally, she received a Master of Education in 2000. She worked as a teacher and, later, assistant principal for the Diocese of Beaumont for 30 years, retiring in 2007. The Dreyers have a son, who graduated from Lamar, and a daughter, who has taken summer courses at Lamar.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is part of the College of Engineering at Lamar University. Its educational objective is that its students continue to grow through problem-solving and learning and become successful engineers who contribute greatly to the Texas mechanical engineering workforce. The College of Engineering is accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology.

For more information about establishing an endowed scholarship, contact the Lamar University Foundation at (409) 880-2117.