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‘Constructing Realities’ & ‘Fragmented Forms’ at Dishman

Senior thesis projects, ranging from graphic design and photography to painting and textiles, will be on display at Lamar University’s Dishman Art Museum May 3 - 16. The reception for the student thesis art exhibition will be at 6:30, Friday, May 10. Admission to the exhibition and the reception is free.

This exhibition is the culmination of study for 12 seniors graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, and one graduate student completing her Master of Arts.

Students presenting in the undergraduate thesis exhibition, “Constructing Realities,” include:

Rachel Binagia, of Port Neches, emphasis in graphic design, will present her thesis work, “People Like Shine: A Business with Personality,” which emphasizes bold colors, handmade designs and quirky phrases to create a unique brand identity for her jewelry line.

David Brock, Marietta, graphic design, will present “Modern Vintage,” which suggests a new-old world approach to design, and emphasizes Victorian graphic design as an alternative aesthetic.  The intention is for the viewer to gain an appreciation for the intricate and ornate Victorian style through the recognition of the relative and significant subject matter, which is indicative of our modern society.

Lisa Champlin, Spring, photography, will present “Arcadia,” which focuses on the relationship between humans and the natural environment.

Jordan Gonzales, Beaumont, graphic design, will present “Megiddo,” a series of posters advertising the film “Megiddo,” which is a short-film being made by Ministry Cinema Productions.

Thomas Harris, Deweyville, graphic design, will present “Same Love,” a local campaign created to raise awareness by educating audiences of the major rights, benefits and protections denied to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community because the federal government does not recognize same-sex marriage.

Zachariah Haverly, Amarillo, graphic design, will present "The Endless Resources of Space," which uses graphic elements in poster form as a vessel to inform viewers of the multitude of benefits lying just beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

Melissa Maddox, Fort Worth, photography, will present “Beauty is Pain,” about the irresponsibility of beauty-industry advertising, and the harmful effects of their products. The thesis is comprised of eight photographic advertisements, modified products and designed packaging.

Ashley Newchurch, Chicago, fibers, will present "Back to the Basics," about making textiles a functional work of art.

Elizabeth Rogers, Silsbee, photography, will present “Gender Delusions,” about the misconceptions associated with gender. The purpose shows that gender is not a box where society can neatly classify a person based on social norms.

Zia Rogers, Beaumont, painting, will present “Wanderlust of the Dream,” about the state of dreams and their evocative qualities.

Zachary Scouras, Austin, Texas, graphic design, will present “Transliterated Designs,” which focuses on creating awareness and graphics for the vision impaired.

“Fragmented Forms,” Amy Faggard’s master’s thesis exhibition, will also open May 3. Faggard, of Nederland, is graduating with a Master of Arts with an emphasis in painting.

The Dishman Art Museum is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is located at 1030 E. Lavaca, Beaumont, Texas.  Free museum-dedicated parking is available in front of the Dishman during museum hours.  Call (409) 880-8959 for more information or visit