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Lamar English department celebrates 60 years of Pulse

pulsePulse, Lamar University's student-created literary magazine, has released its 60th edition. Sponsored by the Department of English and Modern Languages, the magazine contains poetry and prose by students from a variety of disciplines on campus. The magazine is funded by donations from patrons of the arts.

R.S. “Sam” Gwynn, professor of English and modern languages, said Pulse is an essential nurturing ground for young writers.

“For more than half a century, Pulse has represented Lamar's commitment to the literary arts,” he said. “We can be proud of published authors like Leon Stokesbury, a1968 Lamar alumnus whose work first appeared in its pages. Other participants, like Amber Rigney, a 1998 alumna, have gone on to important editorial positions.”

Garry Richards of Port Neches, Pulse editor and English graduate student at Lamar, said Pulse showcases work from students of different disciplines.

“I had the opportunity to see a lot of budding writers from all over campus,” he said. “It is good to see we have good writers not just in the English department, but all over campus. For students, it is a great opportunity to have an author credit in a publication. Those sorts of things look great in resumes and curricula vitae.”

Richards said the department plans an event at 7 p.m. March 4 in the Spindletop Room, on the eighth floor of the Mary and John Gray Library, to celebrate the contributors and winners of the contests that Pulse sponsors for each edition. “There are a handful of awards for graduate and undergraduates in formal and non-formal poetry, fiction and critical writing,” he said. “The winners are chosen by the faculty.”

Winners for this edition are Quinton Gaines of Beaumont for best undergraduate free verse, Donald Case of Point for best undergraduate formal poem, Kevin King of Vidor for best undergraduate prose, and Tara Tatum of Beaumont for both the free verse and formal graduate poem categories. Alaina Bray of Hamshire won best critical essay. Ashley Cook of Port Arthur, Adam Gorrel of Bridge City and John Jashinksi of Silsbee received Lamar-Longman Awards for best freshman critical essay. Jashinski won a second Lamar-Longman Award for an additional essay. The department issues four Lamar-Longman Awards each year.

Copies of Pulse are available at a variety of locations on campus including the Mary and John Gray Library and the Setzer Student Center.

For more information contact the English department at 880-8558, or email Pulse at