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Das recognized for teaching excellence

The Mathematical Association of America will recognize Lamar University associate professor Kumer Das for teaching excellence.

The association tapped Das with its Alder Award for 2013 for distinguished teaching by a beginning college or university mathematics faculty member. Each year no more than three mathematical science faculty members from the United States and Canada are honored with this national award.  

Das joined Lamar’s Department of Mathematics in 2005 after completing a Ph.D. at Auburn University, Alabama. He became an associate professor in 2011. He is now on faculty development leave at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Das is quick to credit the support of students and colleagues for the honor that is “a big accomplishment for [him] and Lamar.”

His teaching at Lamar University has influence far beyond the classroom. Das’ students and colleagues wrote of his extraordinary teaching success in letters of recommendation that accompanied the award nomination. “I am totally honored and immensely grateful,” said Das.

One student wrote "Dr. Das is an energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, sincere, and patient professor. His students value his classes not just for their educational benefit, but for the overall experience which includes the successful use of technology as both a content delivery tool and a pedagogical tool, his sense of humor, and his extraordinary patience level.”

A colleague wrote that his “effective teaching in the classroom surpasses the students’ expectations. Many of his students look forward to class because of the challenge that he presents. His teaching methods require students to contemplate problems at a deeper level than they are accustomed to. Because of this challenge, students are rewarded greatly, not only in knowledge but in life as well."

Teaching skills seem to be passed down from generation to generation. “My father was also a awarded teacher in Bangladesh,” Das said. “I follow his footsteps and feel very proud.”

The award will be presented to Das at the Math Fest Ceremony in Hartford, Conn., August 2.