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Golden Triangle Sierra Club presents scholarship

sierraThe Golden Triangle Sierra Club recently presented a one-time scholarship of $2,500 to Clint Burnett, a Lamar University senior biology major with emphasis in environmental sciences.  Burnett was chosen by Richard Harrel, an LU professor of biology, to receive the scholarship based on his academic record.

“I’m just so grateful to the Sierra Club for recognizing my work while at Lamar and awarding me this scholarship,” Burnett said at the award ceremony on Nov. 15.  “I’d like to find a position with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality when I graduate.  This funding certainly helps toward reaching that goal.”

The Golden Triangle Sierra Club partnered with local car dealerships in April for the GoGreen Street Initiative.  This initiative was to create public awareness of the benefits of the electric/hybrid cars.  According to John Paul, local chair for the club, this was the most successful fundraising event in the local group’s history; resulting in the scholarship award.  The Sierra Club was also represented by Syed Mohuiddin, environmental education chair.