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KVLU kicks off fall membership campaign ‘Buy the Hour’

Lamar University public radio KVLU (91.3 FM) will begin its annual fall membership campaign "Buy the Hour" Tuesday, Oct. 16, giving public radio listeners the chance to show their financial support by sponsoring at least one hour of broadcast time.

“We’ve determined that it costs around $60 per hour to operate KVLU 24/7, 365 days of the year, “ said Byron Balentine, station manager for operations. “Our goal in this campaign is have 900 of those hours funded by listener support.”

“When you break down the costs, and factor in the value our listeners receive from the fantastic line up of award-winning programming the station offers, a contribution of at least $60 is a tremendous value,” added Melanie Dishman, station manager for advancement.

KVLU, licensed to Lamar University, has broadcast from the campus for almost 40 years, offering NPR news and cultural programming such as classical and jazz music.

“KVLU would not still be here without the support of its listeners,” said Balentine. “One fourth of our entire operating budget is raised during these fund drives, making our listeners the most reliable source of funding for this station.”

Other funding sources include the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, local foundations and corporate donors.

Pledges may be made now online by accessing the station’s web site at, or calling 880-8164. Beginning Oct. 16, pledges can be made online or by calling the station’s pledge center at 838-7000 or toll-free, 888-860-KVLU.

Phone volunteers also are needed to take pledges during the campaign, and may sign up online or by calling KVLU membership coordinator Stacey Haynes at 880-8164. Day and evening shifts are available, Haynes said.