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LU, SeoulTech exchange students and faculty

Lamar University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology formally entered a memorandum of understanding for student and faculty exchange and collaborative research LU Provost Steve Doblin and SeoulTech representative Jin-Hui Lee, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, announced today.

It is in the interest of expanding educational opportunities and furthering international understanding that Lamar University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology have developed this agreement, Doblin said.

“This is a great day for SeoulTech and for Lamar University, and especially for our students,” Doblin said. 

“Student and faculty exchange not only benefits the students who take advantage of the opportunity, it also strengthens the participating institutions,” Doblin said. “We recognize that increasing globalization has made our world interdependent and interconnected, and there is no doubt that the initiatives contained in this agreement can benefit students in almost every academic discipline.”

Up to five undergraduate or graduate students from each institution can participate for a semester or a full academic year per the agreement, Doblin said.

Later that afternoon, 16 SeoulTech students received certificates after completing a three-week visit to Lamar for intensive English study and cultural exchange.

Tae Hoon Kim, adjunct professor in industrial engineering at Lamar, hosted the students in the visit that began July 16.  During visit, the students participated in morning English classes, studied a wide array of engineering topics and visited area attractions including the Texas Energy Museum, Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum and Shangri La Botanical Gardens. 

Among the engineering topics covered during the visit were nano-composites, mercury dispersion, nitrous oxide ozone depletion, chemical analysis, biodiesel technology, and shale gas.