LU News Archive taps LU online M.Ed. 'Best Buys'

Lamar University’s master of education programs ranked No. 1 in a list of the most affordable master’s degrees offered online in the United States, according to a national consumer group.

GetEducated BadgesThe Lamar University College of Education and Human Development earned three award badges from for ranking as a top affordable option among online masters degrees for teachers and educators. GetEducated is a consumer group that publishes comparative, data-driven reviews of online degrees.

The GetEducated "Best Online Colleges" ranking indicates LU’s programs were independently reviewed, compared to its national peers, and found to be the "Best Buy" nationwide for teachers and educators for whom college affordability has become a critical issue.

LU’s Master of Education, Master of Educational Leadership and Master of Educational Technology were all ranked No. 1.

Lamar University ranked as the #1 most affordable online education school in the nation at about $6,450 for its online master’s for Texas teachers. The average overall cost for all master’s degrees in the online learning survey was $16,731.

Notably absent from the “Best Buy” list were online education degrees from for-profit colleges, most of whom charge consumers higher than average tuition and fee rates, including the University of Phoenix Online, which charges about $18,000 for its online education master’s degree as compared to Lamar’s state resident rates of about $6,450 and national rates of about $8,460.

“Lamar University’s objective multiple ratings as a Best Buy for online master’s degrees for teachers and educators marks the university as a top-ranked leader in the field of online education,” said Vicky Phillips, founder of “The university, which offers a high-quality college education to the public through the innovative use of educational technology, is a national model for how public universities are combining quality teaching with technology to better serve America’s teachers.”

“In a time when college costs have reached startling levels, Lamar models how instructional technology coupled with sound administrative policies can help America’s colleges solve the cost crisis that plagues higher education,” Phillips said.

This is not the first time Lamar has ranked as a top “Best Buy” for consumers looking for high-quality online degrees. The school has previously ranked as a top buy for its online RN to BSN and master’s of nursing programs.

“The three GetEducated Best Buy online learning awards earned by Lamar mark the university as one of the best online degree programs in America for educators and teachers who seek trusted, affordable ways to earn a college education online,” said Phillips, who in 2009 was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as “for 20 years the leading consumer advocate for online college students.”

The GetEducated Best Buy rankings are based on a comprehensive review of 367 online education masters offered by 129 regionally accredited universities. Each ranking list specifies the exact data set, with empirical cost and affordability ranking compared to peer programs: Master of Educational Leadership, Master of Educational Technology, and Master of Education.

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