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Engineering hosts refinery wastewater treatment course

Lamar University’s College of Engineering, in collaboration with Refinery Wastewater Associates, will host a refinery wastewater treatment course, Aug. 13-17, for environmental managers and wastewater treatment staff featuring a number of high-profile experts.

The event draws a strong interest in the petroleum industry from Southeast Texas and several other states. There are more than 40 registered attendees, mainly the environmental managers and wastewater treatment staff from major petrochemical companies in Texas and Louisiana including ExxonMobil, ChevronPhillips, BASF, Motiva, Huntsman, BP and more.

The Refinery Wastewater Associates’ Oil Refining and Petrochemical Specific Wastewater Treatment Training Course provides classroom and field training specific to the petrochemical industry and university credit. The course content benefits plant operators, engineers, lab personnel and regulatory specialists. The entire course covers 40 hours of training over five days, however participants can choose to attend specific segments of the curriculum.

The cumulative experience of the course presenters totals more than 250 years, and includes several research experts: Davis Ford, University of Texas, David Jenkins, University of California-Berkeley; Jerry Lin, Lamar University; Mike Stenstrom, UCLA.

Also presenting are industry experts David Kujawski, with 33 years of operations, process and environmental engineering experience in more than 47 oil refinery wastewater plants, and Lial Tischler, with 37 years of experience in environmental disciplines.

For more information on the course or to register, contact David Kujawski, Refinery Wastewater Associates, at (949) 433-0301; or Jerry Lin, Department of Civil Engineering, at 880-8761.