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Lamar University goes smoke-free

Lamar University, along will all member schools in The Texas State University System, has become a smoke-free campus. According to TSUS officials, the system is committed to providing a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for its faculty, staff and students. To that end, each component institution developed a comprehensive institutional policy creating a smoke-free and tobacco-free environment on its premises.

Lamar’s policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, employees of contractors and visitors to the campus and addresses the use of tobacco products as well as smokeless tobacco on university owned or leased premises.  The policy is effective June 1.

Further regulations state the definition of tobacco products includes cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco and snuff. Tobacco use is defined as smoking, chewing, dipping or any other ingesting, consumption or bodily intake of tobacco products. The sale or free distribution of tobacco products or merchandise on campus is prohibited.

The university expects all Lamar University students, employees, volunteers, contractors or other persons performing services on behalf of the University, visitors or others on campus for any reason who use tobacco products to comply with this policy. Students who violate the policy will be subject to the university student disciplinary process. Employees who violate the policy shall be subject to discipline or dismissal through appropriate university processes. Visitors, volunteers, contractor or other service providers violating the smoke-free policy will be asked to leave the campus and may be prohibited from returning.

Exceptions to the policy may include artists or actors who participate in authorized performances that require smoking or the use of another tobacco product as part of artistic productions. Also, participants in academic research projects involving tobacco products are exempt from the tobacco policy if approved by the Provost.