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Greenberg tapped TSUS student regent

With Governor Rick Perry’s appointment this week, Andrew Greenberg becomes the first Lamar University student to serve the Board of Regents of the Texas State University System as a student regent. He will serve a one-year appointment, and with his appointment becomes the first student regent from LU.

Andrew GreenbergGreenberg, a native of Rockwall, will graduate Lamar in May with a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and a Bachelor of Science degree in communication major at Lamar University. He will continue at Lamar when he begins studies toward a Masters in Public Administration.

Greenberg is one of 10 student regents appointed by the governor to serve as non-voting members of the governing boards of various public universities and university systems in Texas. The appointment runs from June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013.

“It is essential to provide a voice on the board for the students of all the system’s colleges and universities,” Greenberg said.  “The board members really rely on the student regent to provide the student perspective as they deal with the challenges facing the system.”

He will bring his experience as Lamar student body president, as he shares his perspective with the TSUS board at its quarterly meetings.  He also hopes to attend other board-related functions during the year.

Greenberg, who first looked at Lamar because of family connections to the area but quickly found a good fit with its communication programs, plans to continue his education with a law degree.