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Lamar 1101: University Success Seminar added to help students

Students entering Lamar University this fall will benefit from a new course specifically designed to help them successfully transition to college both academically and personally.

Lamar 1101: University Success Seminar will help students develop a variety of skills and resources they will need throughout their college careers and after graduation, including writing, critical reading and thinking, discussion, note-taking and study skills, and time-management strategies. Each one-credit course will meet twice a week and will be taught by an experienced faculty or staff member assisted by an upperclassman serving as peer assistant.

Many top universities offer similar introductory courses for new students to help them learn to successfully navigate life and study on campus. Through Lamar 1101, which officially will be listed as LMAR 1101 for registration purposes, new students will gain knowledge indispensable not only to their first year of college but also to each year thereafter as they work to walk across the stage and accept their hard-earned diplomas.

“Student success has always been at the forefront of our efforts at Lamar University,” said Senior Associate Provost Kevin Smith. “Our mission of preparing students for leadership and lifelong learning includes our commitment to provide each Lamar University student every opportunity to succeed in all academic endeavors.”

With the addition of Lamar 1101, Lamar University’s core curriculum will grow even stronger. Previously, a Washington Post column advised students to “Forget Harvard and think Lamar,” recognizing the strength of LU’s core curriculum in providing students with a valuable, broad base of essential knowledge.

With courses offered both on campus and online, Lamar 1101: University Success Seminar will be a recommended elective for incoming students during their first year of study with certain students required to take the course to help ensure their success. The course is one of several initiatives demonstrating Lamar University’s commitment to providing students with the tools they need to be successful, from the time they enter Lamar University until they earn their diploma and graduate.

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