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Nursing faculty earns statewide recognition

Six faculty members from the JoAnne Gay Dishman Department of Nursing recently earned statewide recognition for teaching innovation.  The prestigious Teaching Innovation Award is presented annually by the Texas Organization for Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Education for inventive, outstanding simulations in the areas of leadership and management.

           “Basically, we used our brand new state-of-the art simulation lab to simulate the acute care work environment to allow nursing students to apply concepts learned in their leadership and management course, as well as their client care skills,” said Mary Goodwin, nursing instructor.  “In a simulation lab, students are given the opportunity to work through complex situations and scenarios in a safe environment that they are not allowed to do in the hospital setting.”

            The proposal submitted for the competition focused on the newly-renovated Clinical Simulation Center where senior-level nursing majors were assigned to a simulated acute care work environment.  This teaching method provides the opportunity for students to apply concepts learned in their leadership and management courses.  In the simulations, students are assigned an array of roles ranging from nurses and nurse managers to patient family members with scripted lines and fictitious backgrounds detailing their relationships to the patient to allow the nursing students to apply theory to practical situations.

            “We are so proud of the members of our faculty who achieved this prestigious recognition,” said Eileen Curl, chair and professor of the LU nursing department.  “Their dedication to our students and commitment to excellence is evident in all their various areas of expertise.”

            The award marks the second consecutive year the Lamar nursing faculty has won the award in competition with 40 collegiate nursing programs across the state.  Awardees included Mary Goodwin, Rachel Kilgore, Rose Harding, LeAnn Chisholm, Kelli Peterman and Laura Sweatt.  The award comes with a $1,500 cash prize which is matched by the Dishman Department of Nursing.