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Texas crew rides to the rescue – of a football game

It’s not a good thing when the power goes out before guests arrive. When those guests number more than 15,000, and they’re coming to see their favorite college team in its first conference game of the season, it’s crisis time.

When two Entergy transformers failed shortly before the Lamar University Cardinals were scheduled to play their first Southland Conference game earlier this month, university officials were concerned. They feared that power might not be restored in time to play.

An Entergy crew, enjoying its weekend off, went to work and changed out both transformers allowing the game to go on.

While the kickoff was delayed one hour and 23 minutes, in large part because neither team could prepare for the game in the darkened field house, relieved university officials were grateful for the quick response and made an announcement during the game thanking Entergy.

The crew included Frank Shannon, Sloan Holland, Ellis Johnson, Albert Clay, Robert Sanderson, Rory Risinger, Larry Lowe, Trevor Myers, Dent Walker and Ron Rollins.

It was not the first time Entergy crews had played a key role in helping things get started on the campus. Twice before, following the devastation wrought by hurricanes Rita (2005) and Ike (2008), Entergy crews played a critical role in allowing the university to begin restoration of the campus and to restart classes in time for students to complete their semesters and graduate on time.

“Entergy Texas played a critical role in our successful restoration of the campus after Rita and Ike,” said Brian Sattler, director of public relations. “Granted a football game isn’t as critical as that, but again, the professionalism and rapid response of Entergy crews come as no surprise to us.”