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LU announces emergency alert system for passenger vehicles

Lamar University today announced its first licensing agreement with a commercial company to market and sell a university-developed emergency alert system placed inside passenger vehicles. The patent-pending device will significantly increase safety for First Responders and Texas drivers and passengers.

Myler and KelleyThe innovation is a transmitter/receiver system that more effectively alerts passenger vehicles when an emergency vehicle is approaching. The system prototype, which carries both visual and audio alerts and fits on vehicle windshields will be demonstrated today on campus before faculty, company representatives, and investors.

The technology was developed at Lamar University by professor Harley Myler, chair of the Phillip M. Drayer Department of Electrical Engineering, at the suggestion of William “Bo” Kelley, Jr., president of Kelley Emergency Alert Systems (KEAS). The patent application was submitted by Myler and published Oct. 13, and the technology is now being licensed to KEAS in partnership with Lamar University per the agreement.

“I wanted the device to be small, inexpensive, and a stand-alone unit that would not be tied into an auto’s existing equipment. Working with specifications and a new approach, we came up with great technology,” Myler said. “Success is built on working collaboratively. KEAS and Bo Kelley in particular have been part of the process from day one. The idea sprung from a near-collision experience Bo Kelley had. He had the foresight to do something about it, and it’s his perseverance that will help make this system a life saver for every vehicle passenger and driver on the road.”

Bo Kelley added, “My experience was terrifying, but far too common. I knew something had to be done because inattention on the part of drivers is slowing down first responders from getting to the emergency. Even worse, collision with passenger vehicles is the second highest cause of death for our emergency workers.”

“It has been a great experience working with Lamar University” Kelley said. “Dr. Myler and the team have been supportive throughout the process. We look forward to excelling in the business and more importantly, saving the lives of thousands of first responders and vehicle passengers. You just can’t be in a better business when you know what you do saves lives.”