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Lamar University hosts first International Student Summit May 3

Lamar University President James Simmons will express his appreciation for the university’s international community by hosting the first Lamar University International Student Summit on Tuesday, May 3 at 3 p.m. in the University Theatre. All international students and their supporters are invited to attend the event.

“International students come to Lamar from around the world and bring the world with them, thus enriching their lives and those of other students,” said Kevin Smith, senior associate provost. “And it is not only our international students, but also many members of our faculty and staff who come from other lands,” Smith said. “Together they form one of the university’s greatest assets.”

The summit will give international students an opportunity to listen and share their thoughts about Lamar and what the university could do to provide an even better experience for these students in the future. A reception will follow in the lobby.

In the current academic year, Lamar had 612 international students (undergraduate and graduate) from more than 50 countries making up 4.4 percent of the student population.