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George Anne and Gene C. Monger Scholarship in Accounting established

A new scholarship has been established in the Lamar University Foundation for the college of business. The George Anne and Gene C. Monger Scholarship in Accounting in Memory of Norma Hall will provide funds to accounting majors to further their studies in higher education.

George Anne and Gene Monger established this scholarship in appreciation for the guidance that Norma Hall had for her student, Gene, and for leading him into his banking career. They established this memorial scholarship to thank Hall for all her care and concern for his future funding this scholarship as a way to say thanks to his former instructor for changing their lives. Hall was a professor and department chair in the accounting department at Lamar. Classes she taught included business and English and for her years of exceptional teaching the Lamar University Board of Regents named her Professor Emeritus in 1988.

Gene received his Certificate of Completion from Lamar in 1947. Later, he returned to Lamar and graduated in 1956 with a business administration degree in accounting. After Gene’s graduation, the last place he thought he would end up was the world of banking. This changed however after going to an interview at First Security National Bank that Hall set up for him. This would come to be his beloved place of business for 40 years. By the time Gene retired he was executive vice president and operations division head in charge of internal control of the bank.

“I don’t guess I could have gotten into any business that I would have enjoyed more than banking and I would have never pursued this opportunity without the guidance of Norma Hall,” said Gene.

Furthering his education, Gene received his master’s degree in banking in 1972 from the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Rutgers University. During his years in the field he was able to make a decided impact on bank operations. One of his proudest memories is designing the plan for the Barclay Platform New Accounts System. This automated system changed banking completely by giving banks the opportunity to set up new customer accounts electronically, versus using the traditional paper application. The software was first installed at First City Bank in Beaumont in 1986 and went on to be used nationwide.

George Anne graduated from Baylor in 1946 with a degree in English. At the time, students were required to have an undergraduate degree to be accepted into library school. To follow her passion, George Anne received her degree in library science from Western Reserve University in 1947. Lamar librarian, Julia Plummer, who gave George Anne her first library card at age six, influenced her career choice. George Anne returned to Beaumont in 1948 to work at Tyrell Public Library in the reference department. She married the love of her life, Gene, in 1950. The following year, at the request of Plummer, George Anne joined the staff of Lamar to set up and manage a branch library in the new engineering building. From 1958-1971 she worked part-time in the library while raising two daughters. She spent her time managing government documents and served as social sciences librarian, and head of the reference section. She retired in 1987 as associate director of public services.

“Gene’s job in banking has made a great life for the both of us,” says George Anne, while describing her gratitude for Hall’s influences on her husband’s career choice.

Gene still enjoys his life in banking as financial secretary of the Calder Baptist Church, handling its accounting entries for the past 30 years. He holds eternal gratitude for Hall’s insightful push into the world of banking. For that, George Anne and Gene are honored to fund this scholarship on behalf of the distinguished Norma Hall.

For information about establishing an endowed scholarship, contact the Lamar University Foundation at (409) 880-2117.