Profiles in Midstream

Dirk van Oostendorp

Lamar University’s Center for Midstream Management and Science (“CMMS” or “Midstream Center”) is proud to recognize Dirk van Oostendorp as the new “Profiles in Midstream” Honoree. Mr. van Oostendorp serves on the Midstream Center's Industry Advisory Board and has participated in multiple CMMS events, including “Dirk van Oostendorp/Corrpro Day” on the LU campus where he gave an insightful presentation to students and faculty on future opportunities in the midstream industry and anchored a day-long series of meetings reviewing ongoing research projects with faculty/student project teams funded by CMMS. He served on the panel for the CMMS corrosion webinar this past March that investigated a new rapid DNA field testing technology designed to help evaluate and manage microbial driven corrosion. Mr. van Oostendorp has also been a reviewer of faculty research proposals submitted to CMMS under an RFP process where he brought his scientific industrial background to bear in assessing and grading proposals for industry relevance

 “It is people like Dirk who will enable us to build the Midstream Center into a problem-solving cornerstone of midstream industry, as well as a midstream thought leader,” said Thomas Kalb, Director of the Midstream Center. “We are proud to have him on our team at Lamar University and to have him as the Center for Midstream Management and Science’s Profiles in Midstream Honoree.” Dirk claims to be a “humble farm boy from central New York” but his biography highlights something a little different, including degrees in chemical technology and physical chemistry, certification as NACE Corrosion Specialist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow of the Institute of Corrosion and authoring over 50 technical articles and conference papers. Give us more humble farm boys and we will give you the world.

Dirk van Oostendorp is Director, Engineering & Technical Services for Corrpro Companies, a division of Aegion, located in Houston, and he is a valued contributor and friend of Lamar University and the Midstream Center.

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