Profiles in Midstream

President Evans

President Ken Evans

President Ken Evans, Lamar University's fifteenth president, came to Beaumont in 2013 to make LU, Beaumont, and Texas a better place, and he was successful. He is now leaving us to be nearer his family and continue his ongoing contributions to American society through his leadership at another academic institution.

Dr. Evans' leadership and service at LU and previously at the University of Oklahoma made him aware of the importance of the enrgy industry. His knowledge of the midstream industry, that part of the energy infrastructure that transports, processes, and stores produced crude oil and natural gas, greatly expanded after his arrival at Lamar University, which sits in the middle of one of the most expansive petrochemical complexes in the world. He saw an opportunity for LU to have a greater impact and better serve the midstream sector and State of Texas by founding the Center for Midstream Management and Science. He developed this unique concept for several years before successfully working with Texas Senator Robert Nichols to get the Midstream Center funded. The Midstream Center opened for business on September 1, 2019 with funding from the Texas Legislature.

President Evans' leadership is the reason the Center for Midstream Management and Science exists, and we are proud to name him as the Center for Midstream Management and Science's Profiles in Midstream Honoree.