Student, Faculty, and Staff Guide

This is a guide for students, faculty, and/or staff receiving mail through Lamar University Mail Center. Should you have any questions or concerns which are not covered in this webpage, please contact the Mail Center at 880-2232 or 880-8485.

The University Mail Center is a full service federal postal facility. Federal mail is delivered twice daily at 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

The University Mail Center is the official drop-off/pick-up point for all federal and express courier mail/parcels. Other independent couriers deliver parcels, next day air, and second day air based on their delivery policies.

The physical address for express couriers (FedEx and UPS) is 211 Redbird Lane, Beaumont, TX 77710.

Note: Only one person per mail box. Mail cannot be received for another person in this designated box. Personal mail cannot be received in boxes designated for IFC and/or Pan-hellenic organizations.

Organizations must submit an updated list of officers at the beginning of each academic year or when new officers are elected. There is no general delivery.

Please instruct correspondents to use the correct zip code + the last four digits of the assigned box number for mail addressed to you. Experience has shown that most delayed mail results from an incomplete mailing address and/or an incorrect zip code.

Correct Mailing Address

For the mail addressed to you, the correct mailing address is:

Name: <Your name>

Lamar University

P.O. Box <Use your assigned box number>

Beaumont TX 77710-_________ <Last four digits of assigned box number>

Mail Boxes

Mail boxes are available for rent for a fee of $15 per year. Mail box rental fees are paid in the Cashier's Office, located in the Wimberly Student Services building. BOX RENTAL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. When renewing your mail box rental, please bring your payment receipt to the Mail Center window sales clerk to update yearly records. 

Change of Address

When you move to a location outside the Beaumont 77710 area code, you should complete and submit a Change-of-Address request to eliminate delay in receipt of your mail. Failure to submit a Change-of-Address request will cause your mail to be returned to the sender.

If you currently rent a university Mail Center postal box, you must use Mail Center form PS 3575.

All others, please change your address online at


Notify Us in Case of Missing Mail

If you suspect missing mail, notify the University Mail Center director at 880-8485, and provide pertinent information regarding the specific mail piece. Theft by mail is a federal offense punishable with fines and/or imprisonment. The United States Postal Service may be contacted by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or online at

Do Not Send Cash in Mail

Advise correspondents not to send cash through the mail. When sending monetary gifts do so in the form of a POSTAL money order. Postal money orders may be purchased and cashed at the University Mail Center. Items of value, such as airplane tickets, expensive medicines, etc., should be sent using express couriers, certified, or insured mail.

Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery articles are retained by the University Mail Center, and you will be notified upon receipt of the item(s). You must pay for the item(s) with cash, money order and/or check and then the item will be released into your custody.

Accountable Mail

Accountable mail is defined as USPS registered, certified, insured, express delivery and/or signature confirmation. You will be notified upon receipt of an accountable mail item bearing your name and/or box designation. You must come to the University Mail Center distribution window to sign for and take possession of the item. Unclaimed items will be returned to the sender fifteen (15) days after the initial notification of receipt is delivered to the addressee.

Large Packages, Parcels and/or Flats

University mail box renters receive package notification form(s) for large packages and/or articles. In order to claim large packages and/or articles bearing your name, please present your parcel notification form and a picture ID at the Mail Center distribution window. Note: Picture ID required for pick-up of all accountable mail, parcels, and flats for delivery to patrons.