Courier Selection

Courier selection depends on several factors.

What is the required arrival time? Approximately 65 percent of overnight mail doesn't have to arrive at a specific time, just the next day or the second day.

Where is the delivery destination? Consider whether the destination is a local area, state area, regional area, national or international destination.

All couriers (with few exceptions) do offer delivery:

  1. By noon
  2. Afternoon (by 3:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m.)
  3. Next morning
  4. Second business day

However, each service level listed above has a different price schedule, and not all couriers go to all places within the same time frame.

Destinations within the state and up to approximately 150 miles are often best served by local and regional couriers at a considerable price reduction over the national couriers.

International Courier Selection

If facsimile service is not available, or not a logical means to deliver your materials, you may elect to use one of our international couriers. Note: International courier service may require special documentation or customs declarations.

Consolidation to Redundant Addresses

In all situations, the Mail center will determine packaging and courier selections for expedited deliveries. Senders select their need level on their Mail Services Request form, and the department account index is charged for all costs.