To support the campus in its mission of excellence in education, research and public service by providing efficient distribution of written communications. The Lamar University Mail center is dedicated to the timely processing and delivery of inter-departmental mail and related services. The University Mail center provides an essential link, ensuring the efficient flow of mail between the United States Postal Service and the campus community while maximizing cost savings to the university by focusing on automation and the education of users.

The University Mail center is an organization that is concerned with serving the university community in the very best method. The more we know about the community's mailing needs and concerns,the better we can fulfill them.

This Mail Center Guide has been prepared as a source of basic information for you to obtain the best available mail services with regard to efficiency and economics. It briefly touches on topics such as addressing, enclosures, envelopes, inter-office mail, U.S. mail classifications, specialized delivery services and other information basic to your everyday needs. We hope that this guide will be a useful desk companion for you.

Let us know your needs in advance, whether it is a special service you need, a large mailing coming up, or if you are sending or receiving something out of  the ordinary. Should you have a specific question regarding "mailing," we urge you to call us at the Mail center.