Inter-Office/Intra-Campus Mail

Mail of any kind for transport by the U.S. Postal Service should be enclosed in an appropriate envelope or parcel and sealed. The type of enclosure determines the mailing classification.

Inter-Office and Intra-Campus Mail:

This is internal mail consisting of loose or enveloped correspondence. To provide proper delivery, internal mail requires a Full Name, Department Name and Assigned P.O. Box number.

Inter-Office/Intra-Campus Envelopes:

These are envelopes used repeatedly for in-house or internal mailings. When using inter-office envelopes, make sure all previous recipients have been marked out to ensure proper handling and direction to the intended recipient. The addressee is always to appear on the last line. Do not address between previous recipients. These envelopes will not be forwarded through the U.S. mail system.

Inter-office envelopes can also be used for intra-campus mail, or mail to other campus locations. For a list of locations serviced on a daily basis see the delivery schedule.

Plain Envelopes:

When addressing campus mail on white envelopes, the two line format is preferred. Place the words CAMPUS MAIL in the upper right corner of the mail piece. This will enable us to identify the envelope. We request you avoid three or more lines since such mail can be mistaken for U.S. Mail. Mail addressed to faculty/staff for campus distribution should be bundled separately to avoid the placement of postage on the mailpieces.

Distribution Lists:

The University encourages the use of email broadcast messages whenever possible. Please email your campus-wide announcement to for approval and distribution.

Campus-wide distribution lists are available from the Executive Associate in Finance and Operations at ext. 8395. Highlight the department and corresponding P.O. Box number with a colored marker. Campus-wide distributions must be in P.O. Box number order and rubber banded together when brought to the Mail center.

Single Sheet (Non-Confidential) Correspondence:

Single sheet, non-confidential correspondence should be inserted into an inter-office envelope. If a department is processing more than four (4) mailpieces, place a rubber band around the campus and/or metered mail before delivering to the university Mail center.

Confidential Correspondence:

Confidential correspondence should be inserted into our special inter-office confidential mail envelope. This ensures against mis-direction, mis-handling, or loss due to previous markings or lack of proper security.

Multiple Page Items:

Multiple page memos, letters, magazines, books, etc. should be inserted into an inter-office envelope to facilitate handling. This will prevent single page correspondence or small pieces of mail from becoming trapped between the pages of multiple page items.

Window Envelope Enclosures:

Please do not staple mail into envelopes. Enclosures that are designed so that the address appears in a window envelope must not be stapled to prevent slippage of the address from window view. If the addressed enclosure does not properly fit the window, please use an envelope without a window.

Internal Parcels:

To provide proper delivery of internal parcels and packages, place the words CAMPUS MAIL in the upper right corner of the mail piece. Then using the two line format include the Full Name, Department Name and Assigned P.O. Box number.


Examples of items that cannot be mailed in envelopes are paper clips, metal pieces, glass parts, and chemicals. Non-mailable items will jam or damage the mailing machines and can cause serious injury to Mail center employees.

In addition, envelopes and cards that do not meet the following dimensions are also classified as non-mailables and may be returned to the sender:

Height 3.5 "
Length 5 "
Thickness 0.007 " (Thickness of a postcard

It is recommended that the mailer should call the university Mail center for assistance when mailing questionable items to U.S. or foreign destinations. All foreign countries also impose various restrictions.

Change of Address (Internal):

A change of your internal location must be acted upon promptly. Notify the Mail center and Human Resources in writing of your new department P.O. Box number and telephone number.

Individual or Business address:

A customer may inform the Mail center of a change of address by using USPS Form 3575 or other written or personal notice. A change of address may be filed with the USPS for an individual's mail addressed to an organization, or for an individual's mail addressed to his or her place of employment, business, or other affiliation either during or after the termination of the employment, business or other relationship. An organization may change the address (but not the name) on mail to redirect it to such individuals. Obliteration of any barcode on the mailpiece prevents missorting on automated mailing equipment.