melinda monasco louvier

"I received my Master of Education degree in Educational Technology Leadership completely online, which made it both affordable and flexible. These qualities were important, because I'm a full-time teacher and mother of 4 who needed to take these schedules into consideration while I earned my degree. Lamar allowed access to a quality degree program that was as close as my laptop, wherever and whenever I chose to work on it!"

– melinda Monasco Louvier

"Making the choice to go to graduate school was a fairly simple; though the work that went along with was not. Though I will not complain, the online masters program at Lamar University was beneficial to me in many ways. I learned what it is to be a professional student, to challenge myself, and to not settle for the easy answers. The program taught me to delve into the real material I would be learning. A deadline never seemed more important than it was during the 18-month program. Needless to say my degree has helped me land great jobs and even earn a higher wage compared to those with only a bachelors degree. Many students find that higher education is difficult and too much work, but the challenges from this program has motivated me to want more for myself and to solve some of the great unknowns of the world. This program taught me that I am a life long learner and the next stop is a doctorate!"

– Brian Keith Roberson

"I want to thank you for the guidance provided in the 1 hour course of LPC. I have passed my test! I studied what you recommended, thank you so much. I am so happy and grateful for the guidance provided throughout my master's in school counseling and the additional hours for the license professional counseling certificate."

– Ana Salinas

"When I decided to obtain and pursue a graduate degree, I chose to attend Lamar University for its rigorous program and for the ability to work online. Both of these factors were important to me as an Educator and wife/mom, as I needed to be able to complete coursework at any hour on any day. Additionally, Lamar's price of attending was a fraction of the cost of attending any of the three private universities that were in my hometown. I am glad I chose Lamar, and I got to meet and work with great team members along the way - a bonus!"

– Becky Allmendinger

"The Lamar University Online program course topics are relevant to current teaching practices and provide immediate application to the classroom setting. The course software is easy to navigate and my instructional associate is always available to answer any questions that may arise. Discussion boards allow for collaboration between participants, while providing real-time interaction with a small-group feeling."

– Missy Brooks

"There is no other program that allows you to collaborate as a team in your school. It is so easy to discuss topics when your colleagues are your partners! The instructional associate was easily accessible for all my questions. She was a huge support system!"

– Gretchen Mars

"The Lamar Online program has allowed me to be a wife, a mom, a career woman, and a student. The convenience and portability of the program works wonderfully with my schedule and has made the transition back to school easy and exciting. This opportunity truly is a gift and I am confident that choosing Lamar was the right choice both personally and professionally."

– Debbie Cotton